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Alcohol Rehab Near Cleveland, Ohio

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If you or your loved one is battling an alcohol use disorder, it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Cleveland, Ohio, like many other cities, is grappling with this public health crisis. According to a 2018 report by the Ohio Department of Health, Cuyahoga County, which includes Cleveland, had the second-highest number of alcohol-related deaths in the state.¹ An alcohol rehab near Cleveland, Ohio, can help.

At Attain Behavioral Health, we understand the unique challenges individuals face on the path to recovery, and we’re committed to providing compassionate, professional care in our alcohol rehab facilities near Cleveland, Ohio. If you require alcohol addiction treatment in Ohio, contact us today at 888.442.2323.

What Is Alcohol Use Disorder?

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a chronic brain disease characterized by compulsive alcohol consumption and an inability to control drinking despite adverse consequences. It’s not determined by how much or how often someone drinks but rather their relationship with alcohol. Individuals with AUD may find themselves consumed by thoughts of drinking, unable to stop once they start, and prioritizing alcohol over other responsibilities and obligations.

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder

If you’re wondering if you or your loved one has an alcohol use disorder, here are some common signs and symptoms to look out for:

  • Drinking alone or in secrecy
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop drinking
  • Making excuses for drinking, such as stress relief or socializing
  • Neglecting responsibilities at work, school, or home
  • Continuing to drink despite negative consequences, such as arguments with loved ones or legal issues

For an accurate diagnosis of AUD, it’s best to seek professional help and get evaluated by a licensed healthcare provider.

Treatment Options for Alcohol Use Disorder

At Attain Behavioral Health, we offer personalized treatment plans for individuals struggling with alcohol use disorder. Our evidence-based approach combines therapy, medication management, and other holistic treatments to address the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction. We understand that every individual’s journey is unique, so our experienced team works closely with each patient to develop a plan tailored to their specific needs.

Our alcohol rehab near Cleveland, Ohio, provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals to focus on their recovery. We offer various services, including outpatient treatment programs, group therapy, individual counseling, relapse prevention education, and aftercare planning.

Choosing Alcohol Rehab Near Cleveland, Ohio

Choosing the right alcohol rehab center near Cleveland, Ohio, is a critical step toward recovery. The right facility can provide the necessary tools and support to help individuals overcome alcohol use disorder and lead a healthy life. Here are some factors to consider when choosing an alcohol rehab center:

  • Accreditation—Ensure that the rehab center is accredited by a reputable organization. This certification ensures that the facility meets high standards of treatment and patient care.
  • Treatment methods—Look for a center that offers a variety of treatment methods. A combination of therapy, medication, and holistic treatments can be more effective in treating alcohol use disorder.
  • Personalized treatment plans—Every individual’s journey to recovery is unique. A good rehab center should be able to offer personalized treatment plans that cater to the specific needs of the patient.
  • Aftercare support—Recovery doesn’t end after completing the rehab program. Choose a center that provides aftercare support to help prevent relapse.
  • Location—If possible, choose a rehab center that is easily accessible. This makes it easier for loved ones to visit and provide moral support during the recovery process.

At Attain Behavioral Health, our alcohol rehab near Cleveland, Ohio, meets all these criteria. Reach out to us today, and let’s begin your journey to recovery together.

Join Alcohol Rehab Near Cleveland, Ohio, at Attain Behavioral Health

Remember, recovery is a journey that begins with the first step. Make your first step count by contacting Attain Behavioral Health, your trusted alcohol rehab center near Cleveland, Ohio, and let’s start your journey to a healthier, sober life together. Contact us today at 888.442.2323 to get started.

¹: Ohio Department of Health. (2018). Alcohol-Related Deaths in Ohio.