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5 Signs of Cocaine Use

a man sitting against a window with his hand against his forehead shows signs of cocaine use

Cocaine is a potent drug whose stimulant properties were known even to ancient civilizations. While it is rarely used in medical settings today, it is frequently consumed illegally as a street drug. Cocaine is so addictive that even a single dose can induce tolerance in the individual. However, by spotting the signs of cocaine use early and seeking professional treatment, it is possible to recover fully. If you or a loved one is showing symptoms of cocaine addiction, reach out to Attain Behavioral Health for personalized cocaine addiction treatment.

Some of the symptoms of cocaine use are easy to notice, such as skin infections or nasal problems. However, other signs of cocaine addiction, such as mood swings or memory loss, might not be obvious. To know more about the symptoms of cocaine addiction and our customizable treatment programs, call us at 888.442.2323.

5 Signs of Cocaine Use

If anyone you know is displaying these symptoms of cocaine use, urge them to seek professional treatment at the earliest. The tell-tale signs of cocaine use are as follows:

  1. Nasal Problems: Since cocaine is usually snorted, a bloody nose or white powder near one’s nostrils is one of the most obvious signs of cocaine use. The person may experience regular nosebleeds, sinus problems, allergies, difficulties with swallowing, and other severe issues.
  2. Dilated Pupils: Since cocaine is a stimulant that makes a person feel more alert, their pupils might appear larger or dilated when they are on the drug. However, if their eyes are extremely large, it may indicate a sign of an overdose, and the person needs urgent hospitalization.
  3. Restlessness: The person might be very energetic, jumpy, or restless. They may also talk faster, and you might notice their muscles twitching regularly.
  4. Skin Infections: Several individuals report the sensation of bugs crawling on their skin while using the drug. As a result, they may scratch or claw at their skin, leading to cuts that can get infected.
  5. Sweating: Cocaine increases the body temperature, leading to the person sweating profusely or having a fever.

Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

The common signs of cocaine addiction are as follows:

  • Extreme paranoia and engaging in risky behavior
  • Experiencing hallucinations or delusions
  • Sudden but perceptible weight loss and malnourishment
  • Lying to loved ones or stealing money from them to buy drugs
  • Frequent mood swings and loss of interest in daily activities
  • Sleep disorders and insomnia
  • Convulsions and seizures
  • Withdrawing from one’s family and neglecting real-world responsibilities
  • Impaired cognitive function and memory loss
  • Presence of white powder, needles, and other drug paraphernalia in one’s room
  • Being in denial about one’s addiction or multiple failed attempts to quit on one’s own

Since cocaine use results in painful withdrawal symptoms, it is not safe to quit cold turkey alone. Instead, one should reach out to an addiction treatment center where addiction is treated using a mixture of detox, therapy, and holistic support.

Find Hope and Healing at Attain Behavioral Health

At Attain Behavioral Health, we are committed to helping individuals get their lives back on track. Addiction isn’t an incurable disease; with proper medication, therapeutic care, and holistic support, anyone can recover successfully.

We offer a range of programs and services at our state-of-the-art clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. From intensive outpatient care to partial hospitalization, our world-class team will motivate and empower you to choose lifelong sobriety and wellness. We also provide a range of therapies for those struggling with co-occurring mental health issues. Every individual in our care receives the highest levels of attention, compassion, and support throughout recovery.

Seeking help to fight the symptoms of cocaine addiction is the bravest step you can take. Call us at 888.442.2323 to schedule an appointment with our team today.